LD 26 Caucus Information-Saturday March 24, 2018

LD 26 Caucus

Date: Saturday, March 24 2018

Time: 10 AM

Location: Peninsula High School Commons Area, 14105 Purdy Dr NW, Gig Harbor 98335

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Proposed Rules for the LD 26 Caucus

General Overview:

The procedure used by the Washington State Democratic Party for electing delegates to the 2018 Washington State Democrats State Convention is established by the Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan (DSAAP), which was approved at the September 2017 State Committee Meeting. This plan outlines the rules and process for the 2018 Washington State Democratic Convention Delegate Selection. The process of selecting state delegates has steps:

26th Legislative District Democratic Caucus
24 Mar 2018 10 AM (Location: Peninsula High School Commons, Gig Harbor 98335

County Conventions
22 April 2018 1 PM (Kitsap Location: Bremerton High School, 1500 13th St, Bremerton 98310)
22 April 2018 1 PM (Pierce Location: Spanaway Lake High School, 1305 168th Street E, Spanaway WA 98387)

State Convention
16-17 June 2018 9 AM (Location: Wenatchee Conference Center, Wenatchee WA)

****There is no set end time for these events. Most caucuses/conventions take at least an hour, so please plan accordingly****


How many delegates and alternates are we sending to the Washington State Democrats Central Committee State Convention in June?

For our legislative district, we are sending four delegates and two alternates from Pierce County and four delegates and two alternates from Kitsap County.

How do I get signed up to attend the LD 26 caucus held at Peninsula High School this Saturday morning?

Sign up through the online sign up form or sign up the morning of caucus.

I’m sorry, I have other plans for Saturday morning and I can’t attend the caucus. Can I still run for delegate or alternate even though I can’t be there?

Absolutely you can! We will need for you to write a letter to John Kelly, 26th LD Democrats Chair (email: 26thdemocrats@gmail.com) (regular mail: 26th LD Democrats, PO Box 1693, Port Orchard, WA 98366) expressing your intent to run for delegate/alternate (indicate if you are a Pierce or Kitsap County Registered voter), that you will be willing to serve if elected, and that you are a Democrat and are willing to be known as such. Please let us know something about you as well. Include your contact information for us to notify you of the results of the delegate/alternate election.

Who can run for delegate to the Washington State Democrats State Convention in June 2018?

Candidates must be Washington State residents, Registered Voters in the jurisdiction in which they are running, willing to sign a registration sheet stating that the individual is a Democrat, and agrees to recordation of and public display of their attendance at the Meeting.

I signed up and I will be in attendance! How I do run for delegate or alternate?
When you arrive, come by our registration and sign in table. We will have an area for you to let us know that you’d like to be considered for delegate.

I’m considering running for a delegate position. How much should I expect to be spending to get to the state convention?

Budget Estimates for State Convention Delegates and Attendees

$50 – Registration fee for State Convention

The state party is still finalizing hotel and meal costs so final estimates for those interested in delegate and alternate positions is not definitive but we anticipate folks should plan to spend between $200-$400 with wide variables depending on things like room sharing, carpooling, and gala or other paid event attendance.
Convention attendees (elected or automatic delegates) should talk to their local democratic organization or donors, caucuses they are affiliated with, small business supporters, local unions, or trade affiliated groups of which they are a member about personal sponsorship or fundraising opportunities. Many of these groups have traditionally sponsored folks attendance or are in positions to help defray costs for delegates.

Why are we holding caucuses and conventions?
Our state bylaws require us to hold a State Convention every even year, regardless of whether there is a presidential race, to draft our State Party Platform. The process of holding local Legislative District Caucuses and County Conventions is THE opportunity for the grassroots democrats to shape the party and become engaged in the local organizations. These meetings serve to elect delegates and alternates to the State Convention to round out our voting body.

How are State Convention delegates and alternates allocated?
Delegates and alternates to the State Convention shall be apportioned among the Legislative Districts in proportion to the votes cast for the democratic candidates for U.S. President and Washington State Governor in the 2016 general election.
In addition to the elected delegates, the following shall be automatic delegates to the State Convention: all state committee members, all DNC members residing in Washington State, county chairs, legislative district chairs, Democratic Members of Congress from Washington State, Democratic Statewide Elected Officials, and Democratic State Senators and Representatives.

What is an alternate’s role?
Alternates are elected to serve as the delegate to the state convention in the event the elected delegate is unable to perform their duties or attend the convention.

For questions about the caucus process or becoming a delegate, email Johanna Baxter, Kitsap Vice Chair.