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The 26th District comprises portions of both Kitsap and Pierce counties and is divided into 108 neighborhoods called precincts. Some may be only a few blocks in size, while other rural precincts may cover several square miles. It is the goal of the 26th Legislative District to have an active Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) in each precinct.

PCO responsibilities – The PCO serves as the political representative for each neighborhood precinct. In general, they are responsible for promoting Democratic candidates and issues in their neighborhoods. PCOs are encouraged to recruit others to join them as Precinct Committee members, so no one person has to do all the work.

At a minimum–

  • They walk or phone their precinct once a year to make sure their neighbors are registered voters, hand out election materials, and remind people to vote.
  • They coordinate with campaigns to educate voters and generate interest in elections on behalf of candidates and ballot measures.
  • They attend Legislative District and County Central Committee meetings.

Other activities–

  • Calling people in your precinct to encourage them to vote (Get-Out-The-Vote, or GOTV)
  • Helping to find yard sign locations and putting up and maintaining yard signs.
  • Writing a letter to voters in your precinct to share your opinions, ideas and reasons on candidates and issues.
  • Writing letters-to-the-editor.
  • Attending meetings to obtain information on issues and to meet candidates and elected officials.

PCOs are elected every two years in the September primary election. It is also possible to be appointed a PCO between elections, or to be appointed as an Acting PCO for a precinct in which you do not reside. We also welcome people willing to help the PCOs by serving on a Precinct Committee especially in some of the larger precincts. If you are interested in serving on a precinct committee or becoming a PCO, please contact Don Bartley, Membership chair