26th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT DEMOCRATS is the official organization of the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) of the 26th Legislative District of the State of Washington, as set forth in Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) Bylaws Article IX and the Revised Code of Washington Title 29A Section 80. Additionally, it is the general membership Democratic Party organization within the 26th Legislative District.


The purpose of this organization is to:
Provide a forum wherein Legislative District PCOs and others interested in promoting Democratic Party causes and principles may come together to debate and support Democratic Party causes and candidates.
Contribute to the formation, development, and advancement of the ideas and principles of the Democratic Party.
Promote action to assure that all levels of government function for the common good for present and future generations.
Build and maintain an effective local Democratic organization to: 
1. Recruit, support, and elect candidates who share our principles.
2. Recruit and support PCOs dedicated to electing Democrats.
3, Maximize turnout of voters who support Democrats.
Perform the functions assigned to Elected and Appointed PCOs as set forth in the Charter and Bylaws of the WSDCC and State law.


Elected PCOs are members of the organization for the period for which they have been elected, and Appointed PCOs are members for the balance of the term for which appointed.
Membership is open to all others residing within the bounds of the 26th Legislative District who assert themselves to be Democrats and who pay the requisite membership dues. The Chairs of the Democratic Central Committee for Pierce County and for Kitsap County shall be deemed ex officio members of this organization so long as it contains precincts within that county. Membership terminates immediately prior to each biennial organization meeting and must be renewed following the biennial organization meeting. New memberships will not be accepted at regular or special meetings until the conclusion of all business.
Dues shall be established at the biennial organizational meeting. The Executive Board shall have the right to waive the dues of any individual upon written application.


Only elected PCOs shall vote for any office elected at the biennial organization meeting.
Only elected and appointed PCOs shall vote to remove or replace officers, to recommend appointments to fill public office vacancies, to conduct the official business of the Democratic Party at the Legislative District level, or to nominate Democratic Party candidates as set forth in the Rules and Bylaws of the WSDCC.
All members may participate in debate and may vote in any motion or resolution of an advisory nature.
Proxies and absentee votes are never permitted.


The officers of the organization are Chair, Vice Chair for Kitsap County, and Vice Chair for Pierce County; and each will be on the organization Executive Board.
During the term of office of any of these, a replacement shall be elected by vote of the elected and appointed PCOs.
Chair and at least one Vice Chair shall not be of the same gender.
State Committeewoman and Committeeman shall also be on the LD Executive Board and need not be elected PCOs but must be members in good standing immediately preceding the reorganization meeting.
Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Chairman shall also be elected at the biennial organization meeting and need not be PCOs. They shall also be members of the LD Executive Board.
Delegates to a County Central Committee Executive Board, in a number determined by the County Central Committee, shall also be elected at the biennial organization meeting, and shall be members of the LD Executive Board.
26th LD PCO(s) elected to County Central Committee Executive Board(s) shall be ex officio members of the 26th LD Executive Board.
The organization may elect up to three Advisors (preferably under thirty-five years of age and a balance of male and female) to the Executive Board.
The Chair shall have the authority to appoint a Sergeant-at-Arms, Parliamentarian, and committees. These positions are not members of the Executive Board.
All officers, appointees, and committees serve from the time elected until replacements are elected at the next biennial organization meeting or until removed by the membership or appointing authority at an earlier date.


A. Election of all officers and representatives to a county central committee executive board shall occur at the biennial organization meeting called in accord with state law or any meeting called to elect a replacement thereto where seven days’ notice has been given in advance of the meeting.
B. Candidates may be self-nominated, but nominating and seconding speeches are permitted.
C. In the event there are more than two candidates for a position and no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast, the person with the fewest votes shall be deleted and a vote taken from the remaining candidates until one candidate has a majority.


Any elected or appointed officer of the organization or committee member thereof may be removed for failure to discharge assigned duties of the office, provided that as to elected positions:
A. Charges for removal are in writing and signed by five members.
B. Removal shall be considered only where at least seven days’ notice of intent to consider removal has been given, the reason(s) for removal are stated and the opportunity for rebuttal has been provided.
To support removal requires two/thirds of the votes cast.


1. Serve as spokesperson for the organization.
2. Preside at all meetings of the organization, utilizing the Agenda prepared in cooperation with the Secretary and Executive Board.
3. Appoint the Sergeant-at-Arms, Parliamentarian, and such committees as deemed necessary to assure proper function of the organization and serve as ex officio member of each.
4. Recommend to the County Central Committee Chair candidates for appointment to fill PCO vacancies.
5. Advise and assist party organizations, candidates, and elected officials.
6. Assure maintenance of an up to date mailing list of members and PCOs in the Legislative District and persons within the Legislative District who have asked to be kept informed of activities.
7. Represent the organization on the county Executive Board for the county of residence and at the Chairs Committee of the WSDCC, by both attendance and participation.

Vice Chair(s)
Serve as the presiding officer in the absence of the Chair or at other times upon request.
2. Represent the organization on the county Executive Board for the county of residence.
3. Assist the Chair by attending and participating in committees as requested by the Chair.

Prepare the agenda for each monthly or other official meeting, coordinating such with the Chair and Executive Board.
Keep minutes and records of the organization, including minutes of general, special, and Executive Board meetings.

Membership Chairman
Keep a record of all members and assure that proper notice of meetings is given to members and the public.
Maintain a record of all PCOs, including the date of election or appointment.
Maintain a record of meeting attendance.

Receive all money paid to the organization, issuing receipts therefor, keeping a record identifying the source of and purpose of funds and making a monthly report to the membership.
Issue checks in payment for obligations or payments authorized by the Executive Board, where appropriate, or the organization at meetings, and making a monthly report to the membership.
Prepare a financial report upon request of the Executive Board or the membership.
Serve as Chair of the Budget Committee; prepare by March of each year a proposed budget to be submitted to the membership at the April meeting; and prepare and file reports required by the Public Disclosure Commission.
In January of each odd numbered year, arrange with the Chair for an audit committee of three persons to audit the books for the preceding two years.

State Committeewoman and Committeeman
Represent the organization at meetings of the State Central Committee and at meetings of the County Central Committee Executive Board for their county of residence and report the activities thereof at organization meetings.
Serve on committees of the WSDCC.
Serve on the organization Executive Board.
Perform liaison with state and county organizations upon request. NOTE: Committeewoman or committeeman may be removed from the position for failure to attend two consecutive state committee meetings, upon action by the membership after notice of such intent and opportunity for hearing.

Sergeant at Arms
Under the direction of the Chair, maintain order at meetings.
At the request of the Chair or the Secretary, assist in determining eligibility to vote on matters before the body.

Upon request of the Chair, the Body or a member of the Body or where otherwise appropriate, under Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, render a decision based on provisions of said Rules. The 
Parliamentarian does not make gratuitous rulings. Rulings may be set aside or overruled by the body as 
permitted by the Rules.


General Meetings
Regular meetings are open to all, except that at any meeting the Body may decide to limit attendance to those asserting to be Democrats.
Regular meetings shall be held monthly.
Notice of meetings shall be provided to newspapers generally circulating within the Legislative District and to other media to assist in publicizing meetings and to any website utilized by the organization.
Except when the date, time, and place of a meeting were announced at the preceding meeting, each member shall be given seven days’ advance notice of meetings either by mail or email. A record of such notice shall be kept by the Secretary.
Those attending a duly noticed regular meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the Chair, the Executive Board, or majority vote of the membership at a regular meeting or by petition of eight members submitted to the Chair who shall immediately cause the secretary to give notice of the meeting to be held not less than seven nor more than fifteen days after receipt of the petition.
At least seven days’ advance notice shall be given of special meetings, including date, time, place, purpose, and by whom called, either by mail or email.
Those attending a duly called and noticed special meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Biennial Organization Meeting

Between the date of the state general election in even numbered years and the second Saturday of the following January and after the County Auditor has announced the names of the newly elected PCOs, the organization shall meet to elect officers and other elective positions for the succeeding two years.
Only newly elected PCOs, as recognized by the County Auditor, may vote at this meeting.
The meeting shall be publicized and notice shall be given to PCOs by mail at least seven days in advance of the meeting. Notice shall include date, time, and place. A record of the notice shall be 
placed in the records.
The ranking outgoing officer shall preside at the meeting until election of a new Chair, after which the new Chair shall preside. Such person shall assure that only elected PCOs vote.


To permit action to be taken in the name of the organization in the event that such needs to be taken immediately.
To discuss matters to be presented to the membership for action, together with recommended action. Where recommendations are not by consensus, the membership shall be provided the substance of the discussion by the Executive Board.
Perform other functions allowed by the Bylaws, directed by the membership, required by the rules of the WSDCC, or required by law.
Modify the adopted budget in the event of emergencies to allow the receipt and distribution of funds, such as where contributions have been received that require immediate use in providing financial assistance to Democratic Party candidates.
Note: The Executive Board is not permitted to override any action of the membership unless such action 
was ruled illegal by either the State Democratic Party or the Public Disclosure Commission.

A. Members
Elected or appointed Officers set forth above.

B. Meetings
Subject to the call of the Chair on 48 hours advance notice by phone or email, with a record thereof. A 
quorum shall be four members if due notice has been given by the Chair or Secretary. A seriatim quorum is 
permissible only when all members are reached either by phone, email, or in person. The Executive Board may set a specific day and time for the monthly meeting.


The membership and the Chair may provide for committees deemed necessary and shall provide for 
committees required by either the National, State, or County Democratic Committees including but not limited to a Platform Committee.

Except as provided by these Bylaws or by National, State, or County Rules, the Chair shall appoint 
the Chair of committees and at least two additional members. Any person asserting to be a Democrat may be appointed to membership on a discretionary committee.

Committees shall make a report at each general meeting, including accomplishments and plans.

No funds shall be obligated by any committee without prior approval of the membership or budget appropriation.

Retiring Chairs of ongoing committees shall deliver a final report and committee records to the 
organization Chair.


Nomination of LD State House Candidates
The WSDCC has established Rules for the selection of Democrats for partisan office for the State of Washington applicable in the event of a so-called “top two” or “Louisiana” primary. Those Rules shall be followed.

Candidate Endorsement and Financing
Candidates requesting endorsement without financial assistance may present such request 
either in writing (see Candidate Endorsement Request Form), in person, or by representative at any general meeting. A majority affirmative vote is required for endorsement and permits the candidate to reflect endorsement in publicity and access to the organization mailing list.

Candidates requesting both endorsement and monetary contributions shall submit a written request and shall appear in person or by representative at the membership meeting where the request is to be considered. A majority affirmative vote allows use of the organization name in publicity, access to the mailing list, and financial assistance as determined by the membership.

26th LD Dem Candidates
26th Legislative District Democratic candidates for State Representative and State Senator in the 26th Legislative District are exempt from the above requirements, and action may be taken upon motion by any member at any general meeting once filing for office has opened.

Issues Debate
The body may consider and debate any subject brought before it by the Chair, the Executive Board, a committee, or any member at a general meeting, unless the subject is out of order or prohibited.

The body may endorse stands, positions, resolutions, or initiatives on any subject of a political nature.

At a regular meeting where a subject is discussed, the body by majority affirmative vote may 
allocate finances to support issues.



Statutory Offices
In the event that 26th Legislative District PCOs are required to present recommendations to fill 
a public office vacancy, a special meeting shall be called by the Chair in accordance with State law and WSDCC. Although the body as a whole may participate in discussion, a vote shall be taken only of elected and appointed PCOs.

The 26th Legislative Democrats shall hold a Legislative District Convention in even numbered years prior to the County, State and National Conventions pursuant to the Rules of the County Central Committee, the WSDCC and the Democratic National Committee, to take positions and select delegates as may be appropriate.

This organization shall be governed by these Bylaws, Robert’s Rules of Order, 
Newly Revised, Washington State law and the Rules of the WSDCC.
Bylaws shall continue in force until modified or repealed by a 2/3rds vote of those attending a meeting noticed for such action, which may be a regular meeting, so long as notice of such purpose and the proposed amendment is included in the meeting notice.
Any elected or appointed PCO wishing the body to act on a proposed amendment to these Bylaws may make a motion at any regular meeting which, following a second, shall be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting.

These Bylaws are intended to conform to the Charter, Bylaws, and Rules of the Democratic Party of 
Washington State and those of the Democratic National Party, as well as those of the State of Washington relating to political parties. If any part of these Bylaws are found to be in conflict with the foregoing, the provisions contained herein shall be subordinate.

**Adopted 4 December 2014
**Update 12/11/14